Frankenreads 2018


Frankenstein damatization setting and an exhibition corner

The Keats-Shelley Association of America invited Englit to take part in the international initiative Frankenreads to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first publication of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein.
A series of events was designed to call us to actively participate in the celebration: after the Franken-robots, Franken-book cover and Franken-IT workshops were organized, all inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel, were exhibited at the Frankenbition.


However, the focus of the event was a dramatic enactment of an imaginary interview with Mary Shelley on the success of her novel: Frankenstein 200 years after: a question of authorship. This dramatization in English was written and performed by students, adapted to reflect the 18th-century scene and costume. Finally, the event ended with the public reading of the novel.

The evening of the final event


A three-day event of 200 years of Frankenstein – re-invented by technology, organized at TCC was a complete success. In the total of 603 events worldwide, we were happy to partake such a huge international initiative with our creative approach to the celebration. At the same time, we helped spread the awareness of the first sci-fi novel and its contemporary implications. We were honoured to be the only institution from the Balkans that participated in the Frankenreads.

A moving Franken-robot
Miloš Ćeriman, First Prize for the Best Franken-Book cover
Official Frankenreads programme at Technical College Čačak