English 2

THE MIND (Vocabulary practice)

1 Collocations with ‘mind’. Study the examples.

  1. Oh, I forgot the key. Never mind! (to be concerned about, be troubled about )
  2. Mind the icy sidewalk! It’s slippery! (to be careful about )
  3. I can’t keep my mind on work. (the focus of thought, attention )
  4. The great minds of the past were Shakespeare and Homer, among many others. (a person considered as an intellectual being)
  5. I liked both dresses but I didn’t buy any of them. I couldn’t make up my mind. (to decide )
  6. The possibility of failure crossed your mind. But I had to go on with it. (occur to you, suggest itself )
  7. ‘Maybe we could celebrate tonight.’ ‘What did you have in mind?’ (propose, plan, think )
  8. Bear in mind that petrol stations are scarce in this area. (do not forget, be mindful )
  9. You must allow me to speak my mind. (say frankly what I think )
  10. Go away and mind your own business! (do not interfere )

2 Fill the gaps with ‘mind’ collocations.

  1. Once he _________ his mind to do something, there was no stopping him.
  2. _________ you don’t burn those sausages! Check them up!
  3. ‘Mike, I’m really sorry.’ – ‘ _________, it happens to me all the time.’
  4. It was a terrible fight. I just couldn’t stay away and _________! I had to phone the police.
  5. It was Helen’s 50th birthday so I wanted to throw a surprise party. Her not coming to the party _________ (not) at all!
  6. Politicians always _________ in debates. That’s why I just don’t like it!
  7. Henry couldn’t _________ the project. The phone was ringing, clients were coming in, he just couldn’t concentrate.
  8. ‘I plan to propose marriage to Tina, in a very unusual way.’ – ‘What do you _________?

3 ‘Study’ vocabulary. Fill the gaps.

learn study teach practice revise

  1. He is _________ Medicine because he wants to become a doctor.
  2. I’m just _________ for my History test tomorrow. I have a lot to cover.
  3. Silvia _________French in an elementary school.
  4. Students need to _________ maths a lot in order to pass the exam.
  5. I have been _________ English since I was 7 years old.

4 Read the statements and match them with the right word given in the box.

classmate examiner learner principal pupil coach graduate
lecturer professor tutor
  1. Someone who teaches at university.
  2. Someone who has a college degree.
  3. The head of a school.
  4. Someone who studies at primary or secondary school.
  5. The most important teacher in a university department.
  6. Someone who teaches one student or a very small class.
  7. Someone in the same class as yourself.
  8. Someone who trains a sports team.
  9. Someone who writes the question papers of an examination.
  10. Someone who drives but has not yet passed a driving test.

5 Underline the most suitable word or phrase.

  1. Jack decided to take a course/lesson in hotel management.
  2. Sheila always got good marks/points in algebra.
  3. After leaving school, Ann studied/trained as a teacher.
  4. Peter decided not to go in/enter for examination.
  5. My sister learned/taught me how to draw.
  6. I can’t come to the cinema. I have to read/study for a test.
  7. In History classes we had to learn a lot of dates by hand/by heart.
  8. I hope your work will improve by the end of the course/term.
  9. If you have any questions, raise/rise your hand.