English 1

Test 2 (Conditionals, Comparison of Adjectives, Making WH questions), post 2

I Use the right conditional:

  1. If my brother sees the car, he ___________________________ (buy) it.
  2. If the doctor _____________________ (tell) you to be careful, you would do that.
  3. If the match ___________________ (be) cancelled, I would know.
  4. The boys ____________________ (not finish) their homework if I hadn’t pushed them to.
  5. If you _______________________ (prepare) well, you would not have failed.
  6. He won’t get good marks if he ____________________ (not learn) what is necessary.
  7. If Peter ____________________ (not be) at home, we’d phone him.
  8. You ___________________ (not be) ill if you dressed more warmly.

II Write the comparative or the superlative of the following words:

  1. Next time you should be (serious) ____________________ about the exam!
  2. The Queen lives in (beautiful)_______________________castle in England.
  3. My granny makes (good) ___________________ cookies in the world!
  4. What’s (difficult) __________________ language to learn in the world?
  5. I was (happy) _________________ last summer than this year.
  6. Let me know if you hear any (far) _____________________ news.
  7. (bad) _______________ climate is in Siberia.
  8. She works (quickly) ___________________ than all her colleagues.

III Make questions to the referring words:

  1. She dances really beautifully.
  1. Her boss gave her a bonus salary.
  2. They were talking about the political issues in our country.
  3. She is 42 years old.
  4. The boys have lost their SONY play station 2 weeks ago.
  5. We were late for school yesterday.
  6. I use my computer very often.
  7. Many people will have robots in future.