English 1

Test 1(Grammar/Vocab) group C

I Fill in the blanks using the correct tense of the verbs in brackets:

  1. John (work) _______________ hard yesterday when his sister (call) _____________ him.
  2. A: What kind of food (you, like) _________________ eating?
  3. B: I (not, like) _________________ seafood but I (be) ______________ good at preparing it. In fact, we (have) _________________ a nice lobster for dinner last night.
  4. A: Hey, what (Sam, do) ____________________?
  5. B: He (watch) __________________ TV. He (just, take) ________________ a shower and he (go) _________________ to bed now.
  6. The Chinese (invent) ________________ chess many centuries ago.
  7. They (read) _______________ the whole afternoon, but they (not, finish) ______________ yet.
  8. The manager (come) _________________ to my office yesterday and (ask) ________________ me about the project I (work) ___________________ on. I (not, give) _______________ him the right answers so he (leave) ________________ quite upset.
  9. My cousin Diana (live) _______________in London in future, and she (work) _____________ as an account there.

II Use verbs make, get, stay, do, meet, read, speak, watch, to get the right meaning of the phrases:

  1. ________________ the newspapers
  2. ________________ up early
  3. ________________ TV
  4. ________________ the housework
  5. ________________ in bed late
  6. ________________ freely
  7. ________________ money
  8. ________________ your friends

III Fill in using one preposition only:

  1. My grandfather died ________ 1987.
  2. The school starts ________ 7,30.
  3. Let’s meet ______ the bus stop.
  4. I completely agree _______ you.
  5. He depends _______ his parents to give him money.
  6. You’ve left your towel _______ the floor. Pick it up.
  7. Do you like skiing ______ winter?
  8. My Math classes are ______ Wednesdays.

IV Fill in the gaps using the given words. There is one word extra which you do not need to use.

Because emigrated legs reveal appliances worth mechanic embarrassing head
  1. Kate Middleton is pregnant, but they didn’t want to __________ the truth to the public.
  2. My father is a _____________ and he fixes cars and other vehicles.
  3. Colin is very excited ______________ he is meeting his uncle for the first time.
  4. Do you know what these electrical _____________ are used for?
  5. Nikola Tesla _____________ to USA in 1884.
  6. It was so _______________ when I slipped on a banana peel and fell down on the ground.
  7. You may not earn a lot of money but you may be __________ a lot as a person.
  8. Amnesia usually happens when you hit or hurt your _____________.

V Correct the mistakes in the sentences:

  1. I don’t like fish because I always eat it.
  2. See you guys on next week!
  3. You were went to school earlier yesterday.
  4. Why is the people standing here?
  5. Cooks educate kids at schools.
  6. We enjoy in listening to music.
  7. The boys talked a lot while the film.