English 1

Tenses practice – TWO LETTERS

Dear Michael,

I __________ (just, arrive) to the beautiful French capital, Paris. My first impressions ____________ (be) great! Everything _________ (be) so big and shiny.

I ____________ (walk) from the airport to the hotel last night and I __________ (see) some nice places that I would like to visit tomorrow morning. People _________ (say) that you ____________ (can, not) see Paris in seven days, but I will give my best to see as much as possible.

I ___________ (not, buy) any souvenirs at the airport last night, because they __________ (be) very expensive. I will have enough time to buy some on my way back.

Right now, I ______________ (think) of where to go tonight. Last night I _____________ (think) that the best thing would be to see the center of Paris, but now I ____________ (not, think) that it’s a good idea. I ____________ (not, have) any traveler’s guide with me, but I hope I _____________ (find) one tomorrow and look for some must-see things in it.

See you soon,

Love – Robin

Dear Donna,

Thanks for your letter. I (be) _______________ really busy recently studying for my exams. The materials the teachers (give) _____________ us last semester is so difficult to cover! But I hope I (manage) __________________ somehow!

Well, my dear friend, there (not, be) ______________ much new to tell! I (just manage) __________________ to persuade my parents to let me spend a year in England learning the language. It (be) _____________ such wonderful news for me! I (apply) _________________ for the courses in several cities but I (not, know) _______________ exactly where I (go) ________________ this summer.

 I must admit that now I (start) ________________ to get a bit worried. Now that it (be) ____________ definite that I (come) ______________ to England I’ve started to wonder how I (adapt) _______________ to living there. How easy (you think) ____________________ it is for someone from Serbia to get used to living in your country? What kind of problems (you believe) ___________________ I might have? I’d really appreciate your advice.

Anyway, I have to finish now because my little brother (wait) _______________ for me to pick him up from school. I hope your family (be) ____________ safe and sound.

Give my regards to your parents.

Write soon! Kisses, Sonja