English 1

Tenses Practice 2

I Put the verbs in brackets into correct form:

  • Dear Mum, I (1) _________________ (just, arrive) to the college campus and the feeling (2) ____________ (be) great the whole week! Just unexpectedly, I (3) _____________ (run) into Sheila Johnson – the neighbor’s daughter yesterday afternoon. She (4) ______________ (be) surprised to see me, too, since she really (5) ______________ (not, know) that I (6) _______________ (plan) to come to the same college. Anyway, we (7) ______________ (go) out for a coffee and some chat, so we (8) _______________ (end) up talking about the subjects, the dormitory and all that stuff the whole night. Sheila (9) ______________ (always, have) excellent marks at elementary school, so I hope she (10) ______________ (help) me with Math and Sciences next semester. Right now, we (11) _____________ (sit) at the Art lecture and I (12) ___________________ (write) a letter to you. I just can’t help it! I must write a line or two to my favourite Mum! All the new people that I have met here (13) ____________ (be) kind and nice to me, and we usually (14) ____________ (hang) out together after classes. Don’t worry, I will be nice to them, too. Please, Mum, send some money. I (15) ________________ (already, spend) everything you (16) ___________ (give) me last week.
  • Love you! Your son, John

II Put the verbs in brackets into correct form:

  1. At the moment we __________________ (sit) in a café. We ________________ (wait) for the museum to open, so I ________________ (write) some postcards.
  2. Last year my neighbour ________________ (go) to Greece for his holiday. He ______________ (stay) on a small island, and he _____________ (claim) that it ____________ (be, not) expensive, but I _______________ (not, believe) him.
  3. I _____________ (visit) lots of different, unusual places so far. The best country I ____________ (be) to is France.
  4. Jill and Michael ___________________ (argue) a lot recently. They _______________ (need) some expert to help them.
  5. Laura decided to go to visit her sister last week. But, when Laura _________________ (arrive) to the bus station, the bus _____________________ (already, leave). Laura __________ (be) two hours late, because she ______________ (must) to wait for the next bus to come.
  6. I hope it ____________________ (not rain) tomorrow. I ___________________ (have) an important tennis match.
  7. Don’t phone between 3 and 4 p.m. They __________________________ (have) lunch then.
  8. By 2020 Jake __________________ (finish) his engineering project.
  9. I promise I __________________ (help) you, just let me finish my homework first.
  10. I am so exhausted. I _______________ (clean) the house all day long. And I ___________(not, finish) yet. There’s more to be done.
  11. A: ______________ (the party, be) good last night?
  12. B: Yes, lovely. Maria _____________ (organize) a wonderful buffet! We ___________ (dance) a lot, my feet ______________ (still, kill) me.