Sample Argumentative Essay

Necessity of Technological and Scientific Advancement

Moving towards the 21st century, technological advancement has become a focus of today’s society. Technology has entered the lives of even the poorest members of society, and it is very rare to find anyone who does not have some form of modern technology such as a TV or a food processor, in their home.

There are many things to be said in favour of technological advancement, the most obvious being that it undoubtedly makes people’s lives easier. Without the benefits that technology brings, the world would be a much harder place to live in. For example, how would any business operate without faxes, photocopiers or telephones?

On the other hand, technology also has the potential to destroy everything at the touch of a button – a point made by Quentin Reynolds when he said, “The scientists split the atom; now the atom is splitting us.” The danger of technological advancement is that machines will completely replace humans, leaving fewer jobs and reducing human contact in everyday life, which cannot be a good thing for society.

In conclusion, although technology has the potential to provide a better quality of life for everyone, it is also capable of destroying everything within a very short space of time. As such it should be developed with caution and should never be allowed to take the place of human contact, because this is what ultimately holds a society together. (241 words)