The Internet (vocabulary practice)

  1. Fill in the gaps with the words given in brackets:
Windows, Anti-virus software, Backup, Resolution, Icon, Floppy Disc, Folder, RAM/ROM
  • 1.________ A program that finds and removes viruses from a computer.
  • 2.________ A copy on floppy disk or tape of files on a PC’s hard disk. A backup is used in case the hard disk file(s) are erased or damaged.
  • 3.________ A cheap, removable disk used for storing or transferring information. It is floppy (soft) because it is plastic.
  • 4._________ A sub-division of a computer’s hard disk into which you put files.
  • 5._________ A small image or picture on a computer screen that is a symbol for folders, disks, peripherals, programs etc.
  • 6._________Two types of memory. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the main memory used while the PC is working. RAM is temporary. ROM (Read Only Memory) is for information needed by the PC and cannot be changed.
  • 7._________The number of dots or pixels per inch (sometimes per centimetre) used to create the screen image.
  • 8._________An operating system used by the majority of PCs.

2) Collocations

Verbs + Equipment/ Invention

  1. buy _______________
  2. devise _____________
  3. upgarde ___________
  4. install _____________
  5. originate ___________
  6. buy _______________
  7. patent _____________
  8. operate ____________

3) Save, Find or Go?

  1. ________ time
  2. ________ a partner
  3. ________ mad
  4. ________ the answer
  5. ________ a solution
  6. ________ someone’s life
  7. ________ a replacement
  8. ________ a file