English 1

Giving Opinion (vocabulary practice)

1 Read the text below. Translate the highlighted words and expressions in the given context.

  • Dave: I read yesterday in the papers that three new state universities are opening soon.
  • Brian: Apparently, the government wants to increase the number of young people going to university. What do you think about that?
  • Dave: Personally, I think it’s a good idea. People should have a chance to go to university.
  • Brian: Maybe, but it seems to me that we need more people with manual skills, not more academics. And why haven’t we got those people? It’s the government’s fault.
  • Dave: You think that the government is to blame for everything. But isn’t it a good idea, in principle, for more young people to have a better education?
  • Brian: Yes, I think education is an incredibly important issue, but the point is, what kind of education do we want young people to have?
  • Dave: If you ask me, that’s a wonderful thing. The youngsters will choose what to study based on their interests.
  • Brian: As far as I’m concerned, the university is not the only place where you can learn things. You can learn a lot without formal education if you know what I mean.
  • Dave: I believe that having new universities is opening new possibilities for personal improvement, and other ways of education are in the second place.
Word bank
apparently – based on what you have heard or read
What do you think about…?
How do you feel about…? – asking about somebody’s opinion
fault – mistake
be to blame for – be responsible for
in principle – in theory
issue – a problem, a subject of discussion
the point is – the most important part of what I’m saying
If you ask me / As far as I am concerned – I personally believe
If you know what I mean – I hope you understand


1 Rewrite the opinions using the words in brackets. The meaning must be the same.

  • a) I think it will be difficult. (EASY) I don’t think it will be easy.
  • b) I think we should do something. (SEEMS)
  • c) What do you think about that? (FEEL)
  • d) I think we should help them. (OPINION)
  • e) It’s my fault. (BLAME)

2 Complete the sentences using the mentioned phrases.

  • a) As far as I am _________________, the most important thing is to find the right university.
  • b) We both agree on that, but the ____________ is, what are we going to do with the unemployed?
  • c) I think that climate change is one of the most important ______________ of the 21st century.
  • d) The manager is responsible for the delivery delay, so it is his ______________.
  • e) ______________, nobody wants to invest in education nowadays.

3 Give your opinion on the given issues using the mentioned phrases.

  • a) There will be more wars in future.
  • b) It is more expensive to live in a village than in the city.
  • c) Pop music is for kids.
  • d) CDs are not needed any more – you can download whatever you need.
  • e) Italian food is tasteless.

4 Circle the right word or phrase.

  • a) What do you think of/about my new car?
  • b) It is not your blame/fault.
  • c) It looks/seems to me that we need this.
  • d) Apparently/Personally, they made the wrong choice.
  • e) It is an important issue/opinion, but some talks are yet to be done.