English 2

Funny ha-ha: Vocabulary practice

I Fill in the blanks using the words given:

common countless gains awareness sitcom founded wipe off reminiscing
  1. I like many TV series, but my favourite __________ is “Man Behaving Badly”.
  2. Having an optimistic attitude towards life brings many positive _________.
  3. Adults don’t have much in _________ with children; kids laugh far more than grown-ups.
  4. BBC _________ many national TV series which later became an intenational success.
  5. Mr Bean has no __________ of his jokes and funny looks, which makes him even funnier.
  6. _______ that silly grin _________ your face, private! This is the army, not a pre-school!
  7. Eddy Murphy brought joy to ____________ people through his comedies.
  8. We used to sit and watch our high-school photos ___________ about the fun we had.

II Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the word in brackets:

Friends – My Favorite TV Show

  • Television today provides the _______ (VIEW) with not only information and ______________ (ENTERTAIN), but also with an important reason to sit down and spend a significant amount of leisure time in front of the TV – FUN. Among the many shows and movies, my favourite one is the US comedy “Friends”. “Friends” is a show about love, young people’s careers, and a period of their life when there is a ___________ (POSSIBLE) that unexpected and _________ (USUAL) things can happen. But most of all, it is about __________ (FRIEND); when you are young and single in the city, your friends are your family. The real story began when the main __________ (CHARACTER) were teenagers while _______ (SLOW) becoming a “family”. They went through ups and downs together and soon realized that _________ (LIVE) would not be the same if they hadn’t done it that way.
  • Between the stupid and _________ (FUN) things they do or say, stands the love, ___________ (INNOCENT) and sincerity of those people. This comedy touches every aspect of a person’s life at the ages of twenty-five to thirty years old; the trouble of building a new career, _________ (FINANCE) problems, the fear of making the wrong __________ (CHOOSE) in life, and the mistakes they all made in the past still trying so hard to correct. This is why I love “Friends”. Every person can find something about their own life when watching it, and can also find __________ (USE) and easy ways to maybe _________ (SOLUTION) their own personal problems.

III Fill in the blanks with a correct PREPOSITION:

  1. Only Fools and Horses is a TV series famous _____ their British humour and the actors are popular ______ audience all over the world.
  2. I’m not keen ______ comedies but I find Naked Gun hilarious.
  3. Alo, alo reminds me _______ some old French movies made somewhere in Provance.
  4. The Simpsons have beaten all TV records and made a contact _______ the viewers of all ages.
  5. I got fed _____ ______ things like Police Academy.
  6. I saw Jim Carrey _____ TV last night and I was impressed _________ his appearance.
  7. I am not quite sure _______ Ashton Kutcher, but I think he is more _____comedies than drama movies.