English 1

Conditional exercises (zero, first, second and third)

Fill in the blanks with the correct form:

  1. If machines were more intelligent, they ___________________ the world. (take over)
  1. If you spill Coca-Cola onto your computer keyboard, it __________________. (work)
  1. I would have been able to store all my music in one place if someone _____________________USB keys a few years ago. (invent)
  1. If you break the computer monitor, you _________________ use the computer. (can)
  1. If I had a webcam, I ___________________ my friends all the time. (video call).
  1. If I had known how useful it would be, I _________________________ how to write computer programmes. (learn)
  1. If Sam earns enough money, she _____________________ the apple watch. (buy)
  1. Paula would study more if _________________________ more time. (have)
  1. Joan would have already solved world hunger if ______________________ how to genetically “grow” food.(learn)
  1. If I _____________ you, I wouldn’t spend so much time playing video games. (be)
  1. If I ____________ a bit older, I would leave school and go travelling. (be)
  1. If you always use an online translator, you _____________________ the language. (learn)
  1. If I hadn’t started using WhatsApp, I __________________________ contact with my extended family. (lose)
  1. I won’t pass the exam unless I _______________. (study)
  1. Time travel would be possible if we ________________ a more advanced civilisation. (have)