English 1

Test 1 (Grammar/Vocab) group A

I Fill in the blanks using the correct tense of the verbs in brackets:

  1. Listen, Bob! I see that you ______________ (try) to help me here, but I _____________ (not, need) your help. I can handle this. Thanks.
  2. The Second World War _____________ (start) in 1939 and __________ (last) for too long. My grandfather _____________ (be) a child then.
  3. Tourists often ___________ (come) to the capital city at this time of year but they ____________ (not stay) for too long. A weekend or so.
  4. I went to Mary’s birthday party last night. She ___________ (make) a big cake, and ___________ (organize) the music.
  5. Since I left my job at the restaurant I ______________ (not work) at all. I ___________ (look) for something better these days.
  6. I know that you ____________ (must) leave earlier yesterday, because your phone __________ (ring) for at least 10 minutes.
  7. ____________ (the English, drink) too much? – Of course, both men and women.
  8. My sister usually ___________ (cry) when she ________________ (watch) a romantic film. She just _____________ (not, can) help it, she ______________ (be) too sensitive.
  9. Nikola Tesla ______________ (celebrate) as one of the biggest scientist ever since.
  10. Hey! What ______________ (they, do) down there!? Tell them to stop!

II Use verbs work, catch, serve, attend, make, do, sell, tell, to get the right meaning of the phrases:

  1. ________________ with children
  2. ________________ customers
  3. ________________ a promise
  4. ________________ charities
  5. ________________ research
  6. ________________ a patent
  7. ________________ a bus
  8. ________________ the story

III Fill in using one preposition only:

  1. We arrived _________ Spain at 2.15.
  2. Don’t worry _____________ the exam. It’s easy.
  3. I need _______speak to Mr Smith, please.
  4. We were ________ the bus when the car accident happened.
  5. She was waiting ________ her boyfriend in the lobby.
  6. About 50 % _________ students never study at weekends.
  7. What did you have __________ lunch today?
  8. She decided ______ go out with her best friend.

IV Fill in the gaps using the given words. There is one word extra which you do not need to use.

belongings look after polite trailer handwritten chef staff accountant snacks
  1. I like getting postcards because they are ______________. That’s why emails seem less personal.
  2. My mum is an ______________ and she likes her job. She works on a computer and uses a calculator a lot.
  3. The prisoner had to leave all his personal _____________ in the office before he entered the jail cell.
  4. British Royal Household relies on their experienced ___________, especially footmen and barmen.
  5. Sara, can you, please __________ the baby just for a second? I have to make a phone call.
  6. The Brits are always _____________ and they use words THANK YOU and SORRY all the time.
  7. After he had finished the cooking course, he became a ____________ in a restaurant.
  8. Whenever I watch a film, I must eat some ___________. I just can’t help it.

V Correct the mistakes in the sentences:

  1. The Queen watch TV after dinner in her suite.
  2. There’s a good concert at tonight.
  3. A carpenter performs religious ceremonies.
  4. We were played football in the park after school.
  5. Did you took my keys, Tom?
  6. Tesla didn’t win the Nobel Prize on 1915.
  7. He spent the money that I was saving so I am in the black.
  8. I’ve decided living in Hawaii.