Business Test 2 Practice 1

  • I Fill in the gaps using the words given in the box:
Therefore, despite, because of, however, although, but, and, since, in fact, due to, even though, in case
  1. _______________ I was really tired, I couldn’t sleep. It was so annoying!
  2. My best friend passed his Physics exam ___________________ he didn’t study much.
  3. She only accepted the job ______________the salary, which was very high.
  4. ______________ the fact that she didn’t feel well, she went to work.
  5. They invested a lot of money and effort into the advertising campaign. ________________, it didn’t bring any profit, they made a big loss.
  6. The manager introduced a new item on the agenda _________________ his colleagues were still discussing the previous one.
  7. The office was full of new employees ______________ it was very crowded.
  8. She gave her best to create a good design for the bottle but she neither showed them on time nor told them about the main idea. _________________, she was afraid not to be rejected.
  9. ________________ the heavy rain, the football match is cancelled.
  10. We are all using newest software available at work, _________________ our job is always done on time and perfectly.
  11. She couldn’t enter the system _______________ she forgot the password.
  12. I have to bring an umbrella, ______________ it rains.
  • II Read the given email. Give a proper reply, including a suitable introduction, salutation, and all parts needed to make it businesslike. You have to use at least 70 words. The additional information has been given to you.
To: Mr Smith
From: Tim Robins
Subject: Business prospects

Dear Mr Smith,
I am the Manager of the Heath Ltd company situated in London. We are willing to make business contact with your firm and try to improve our business with this cooperation. We have been working in computer service for the past 15 years. We make projects, designs, scripts, all kinds of PC programs. If you are interested, please, let us know about your main needs. We can email you the list of prices and terms of our work.
It would be great if we could have a meeting concerning these details next week.
If you need any information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Tim Robins
Information for answering the email:
John Smith, an executive manager of Mack Ltd, Oxford, work with statistics Need a new computer system Want to pay in instalments Ask for references, prices Offer the date and time for a meeting

  • III Match the beginnings 1-6 with the endings a-f to make complete sentences:
  1. We need a firm management strategy to take
  2. I think we’ve missed
  3. Unfortunately, we have been loosing
  4. We really don‘t need to waste
  5. I think you should have brought
  6. I’d like to bring
  • a) Customers steadily over the last three years
  • b) up-date on your Korean marketing campaign.
  • c) control of the situation
  • d) These figures to my attention earlier.
  • e) Friday’s deadline.
  • f) Any more time on trying to change their minds,
  • IV Use each word in the box in the right context. One word is unnecessary.
  • turnover, tips, clipboard, attention, chain, shares, fares, baggage reclaim, connection
  1. If you want to start your own business, here are some _____________ for you.
  2. L’Oreal has a great supply ___________ all over the world.
  3. When you want to copy the text, it stays on the _____________until you want to paste it.
  4. The Coca Cola company has sold its _____________in the business to different partners.
  5. At the airports people usually waste a lot of time at the _______________.
  6. The ______________of our company was great this year.
  7. Bus _______________are very expensive in London.
  8. I missed my ___________to Paris yesterday.