English 1

Test 2 Practice (conditionals, comparison of adjectives, gerund)

I a) Finish the sentences to complete the right conditional:

  • If I were an engineer ____________________________________________________________________
  • What would you do ____________________________________________________________________?
  • If I spoke English better ________________________________________________________________
  • If you had finished your project on time ______________________________________________
  • If it rains today _____________________________

b) Fill in the blanks to get the right conditional:

  1. How would you react if you (see) _____________________a thief in your house?
  2. If you had needed some money, I (lend) ____________________ it to you.
  3. If I (be) ____________________ in your shoes, I’d do that differently.
  4. If you (not do) _____________________ the project, the teacher wouldn’t have let you take an exam.
  5. My friends will call me to go out if the weather (be) ______________________ fine.

II Write the comparative or superlative of the following words:

  1. That will be (pleasant) _____________________trip you have ever had!
  2. (attractive) ___________________ woman on that stage is definitely Beyonce.
  3. Which is (pretty) ___________________ thing you ever bought?
  4. Mr Smith has spoken (politely) _____________________ than the other participants.
  5. My friend’s garden is (tidy) _________________ than mine.
  6. This is (dangerous) ________________ dog in the neighborhood! He had injured many!
  7. That woman took care of the baby (easily) _____________________ of all the babysitters they had.
  8. She taught English at one of (bad) _________________ schools in London!
  9. My sister is a way (tall) _______________than me.
  10. The Odeon hotel is (far) _________________ than the one we wanted to rent first.

III Give the gerund or the infinitive forms of the verbs:

  1. I don’t like _______________________ (judge) people according to their appearance.
  2. My dad gave up _______________________ (smoke) when he was still on college.
  3. Diana made it all up ______________________ (save) her brother.
  4. She would like _______________________ (find) out the truth about her real parents.
  5. We expect ________________ (hear) from Ann soon.
  6. Do you enjoy ________________ (watch) football matches?
  7. We ran ten kilometers without (stop) _____________.
  8. Does he want (eat) _____________ now, Jane?
  9. (use) ___________ fork and knife at the table is obligatory!
  10. I planned (visit) ____________________ my granny this week.

IV Fill in using ONE word:

  1. I _____________ to see you there tomorrow.
  2. Your team will lose. That’s what I ___________________.
  3. I _____________ to tell you, but I saw your girlfriend with somebody else.
  4. The dog was too ___________________ so they put him to sleep.
  5. We ________ take a good care of the baby. Don’t worry.
  6. Susan really doesn’t sleep ________________. Only 6 hours.
  7. You have finished?! That was _____________________.
  8. When she saw the accident, she ___________________ the police.
  9. When you travel _________ a foreign country, take care of your documents.
  10. _______ they see the news, they will be shocked.