Test 2 Practice 2

I Fill in the gaps using the words given in the box:

Therefore, despite, because of, however, although, but, and, since, in fact, due to, even though, in case
  1. ______________ the computer system failure, the tennis match was put off for tomorrow.
  2. ______________ the workers have been prepared to use the data properly, most of them made serious mistakes when using it.
  3. David’s colleague was sent to complete a business deal with a senior manager ________­­­ the man did not show up.
  4. The committee did not accept Maria’s project ______________ she had put a lot of effort in it.
  5. We will leave the lights on _____________ the baby wakes up.
  6. ______________ the fact that Jack came on time, he didn’t arrive early enough to get the goods.
  7. I didn’t manage to find my mentor _____________ the college was closed.
  8. The paperwork you left last night was badly done. It’s all in mess and the data is incorrect. ________________, I would like you to do it all over again.
  9. I believe that the message they sent is rather clear ____________ I wouldn’t spend any more time discussing it.
  10. Sarah’s application was turned down ________________ badly written CV.
  11. The video presentation of the program you have chosen to share was really good. ______________, we couldn’t hear it quite well, the microphone was off.
  12. The man who we were expecting to arrive phoned and said he would be half and hour late. _______________ we didn’t have to stay there. We went for a cup of coffee.

II Read the given email. Give a proper reply, including suitable introduction, salutation, and all parts needed to make it businesslike. You have to use at least 70 words. The additional information has been given to you.

To: Mrs Joanna Simms From: Michael Lightman Subject: Business contract

Dear Mrs Simms, We are very pleased to inform you that we are very satisfied with your latest delivery. The merchandise is of good quality, the paperwork is all neatly done, and, above all, you delivered the goods on time.
We would like to talk about the chance of price. Please, consider the possibility of lowering the price if we order a bigger number of items.
It would be great if we could have a meeting concerning these details next week.
If you need any information, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, Michael Lightman
Information for answering the email:

Joanna Simms, an executive manager of Kickers Ltd, London, Refer to the mail (thank for the good comments) Give the basic conditions – only if they double the order, you consider the offer Arrange a meeting (Offer the date and time for a meeting) Give polite ending

III Fill in with the suitable word or phrase:

Set your own prices, how to get the capital, if you get it, for your service, work out your fixed costs, then add, get organized, to set your own prices

Getting started in business

If you want to start a business, good planning is important. Here are some tips.

  1. ___________________________. Decide what your skills are. Find out if there is a market of them in your area, e.g. ask your neighbors what they need. Babysitting, coaching for exams or sports and computer training ______________________.
  2. Decide how much money you need to start your business. Talk about _____________________. You can use your own money or you can ask a bank for a loan. _______________________, be sure you can afford to pay the interest.
  3. Calculate your costs. First, _______________________, for example, the rent on your office or the interest on a loan. ________________ your variable costs, for example, for equipment, or tax.
  4. Work out how much to charge ________________________. Find out what other people are charging and use this _______________________.

IV Use each word in box in the right context. One word is unnecessary.

fabrics, shares, revenue, venue, ice-breaking, merger, rut, respond, pollution

  1. I am so unhappy with my work…I feel bored and somehow in a ____________ . I’m doing the same routine job and it really got boring.
  2. Apart from choosing the presentation equipment, the ______________ is very important. So, inform everybody of the place where your presentation will take place.
  3. Sony and Erickson decided to join their companies and they became a ________________.
  4. The water _________________ is something that is becoming a big part of public concern for healthy living.
  5. When you see a foreigner for the first time, try starting an __________________ conversation.
  6. The company decided to keep their ________________ in the shoe industry because they were convinced the shoe market was going to get bigger and stronger.
  7. They dye and cut their own _______________ in Spain.
  8. We sent them an invitation two weeks ago, but, unfortunately, they didn’t ________________.