English 1

Test 2 (Conditionals, Comparison of Adjectives, Making Wh questions), post 3

I Use the right conditional:

  1. If my friends lived closer, I ____________________ (visit) them much more often.
  2. They wouldn’t have had any problem if they __________________ (take) your advice.
  3. If I ____________ (be) you, I ‘d be more careful with that project.
  4. I ________________(phone) you if there had been a phone in the village.
  5. If he _________________ (not do) what he promised, I’ll never speak to him again.
  6. Where ___________________________ (you/travel) if you had more money?
  7. He would have more money if he ________________ (not spend) too much on clothes.
  8. If you take on too many jobs, you ________________ (not do) a good job any of them.

II Write the comparative or the superlative of the given words:

  1. This is (enjoyable) ________________________ holiday I’ve ever been to.
  2. The ending of the book is (interesting) ____________________than the beginning.
  3. She made (bad) ____________________ mistake you could ever think of!
  4. Thomas is definitely (successful) _____________________ man I know!
  5. I had a (bad) ____________________ time at the party than at home.
  6. Can you walk a bit (slowly) __________________?
  7. The exam was fairly easy. (easy) _______________ than I expected.
  8. You are doing your job (seriously) ____________________ of all the people on the same position.

III Make questions to the referring words:

  1. Emma telephoned me last night.
  2. The film begins at 8.00.
  3. She isn’t working tonight because she is ill.
  4. I was born in London.
  5. Those people work with me.
  6. It was very cold yesterday.
  7. I have seen the artist twice.
  8. The accident happened unexpectedly.