English 1

Test 2 (Conditionals, Comparison of Adjectives, Making Wh questions), post 1

I Use the right conditional:

  1. He won’t go to the meeting if he (be, not) _______________________ invited.
  2. If I had prepared the papers earlier, we (get) ___________________________ the visa on time.
  3. If Fred (stop) ____________________ smoking, he will surely feel much better.
  4. If Dylan had fixed his van, he (use) _______________________ his insurance money for the car.
  5. I (not, watch) ___________________ that movie if it is so scary.
  6. Our house would have been cleaner if we (do) ____________________ the cleaning regularly.
  7. If you (not, leave) ____________________ your bags here, they wouldn’t find it otherwise.
  8. If I (go) ________________ to Moscow, I would speak Russian better.

II Write the comparative or the superlative of the following words:

  1. He was one of (ugly) ____________________ actors I’ve ever seen!
  2. That referee has always worked (correctly) ________________________ of all the others.
  3. (kind) _________________ thing he could ever do is to take me to that romantic place!
  4. Can you move a bit (close) __________________ to the gate, please?
  5. I had (bad) __________________ dream one can think of! A nightmare!
  6. He was so nervous that he changed the channels (quickly) ___________________ than he could see what was on.
  7. This is (late) ______________________ news we have heard.
  8. She is a journalist and she earns (much) _________________ money than her husband.

III Make questions to the referring words:

  1. They inherited 200,000 dollars from their uncle.
  2. I talked to Brian about the wedding ceremony.
  3. She can make an omelette quickly.
  4. The workers use their break properly.
  5. Mike typed emails on my PC.
  6. She studies every day after school.
  7. I invited your sister to the party.
  8. They were using the newest methods in these elections.