Business Test 1 Practice 2

I Tenses – Present Simple/Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple:

  1. A: Where (the meeting, be) ____________________? In the main office? B: I (not, know) ____________________. I (just, arrive) ____________________ from the warehouse, but I can check it.
  2. Can you hold, please? I (type) ____________________ something on my computer.
  3. Out team (work) _______________ just fine. We (employ) __________________ some new people since last October and we are very satisfied with their work.

II Countables/Uncountables – Complete the dialogue with the words in the box:

a lot of, much, many, a little, a few

  1. Barak Obama’s speech didn’t surprise me _____________. I expected him to say that.
  2. Only ______________ people came to the meeting so we had to postpone it.
  3. How ___________ litars of milk does a family need for a day?
  4. _______________ students have done the survey so the date is quite plausible and correct.
  5. For this recipe you need just _____________ eggs. Take two, for example.
  6. She gave me _______________ money for the trip I can’t buy even a postcard with it.

III Obligation and necessity – Fill in using: have to, has to, didn’t have to, had to, needn’t, mustn’t

  1. All students __________________ listen to the teacher during the lesson.
  2. You _________________ smoke in the premises. There’s NO SMOKING sign.
  3. We had so much trouble with that supplier. Finally, we _______________ cancel the order because we weren’t quite sure how it was going to work.
  4. You __________________ put the milk in the coffee. I already pour some.
  5. The management students __________________ take an exam in English last week, because they could sit for it in another term. They could choose.
  6. Tim really ___________________ pay attention to his appearance. His hair is too long and in a mess, and his shoes need polishing.

IV Suggestion. Suggest a suitable solution to the given problem using relevant words or phrases:

  • Why don’t we…What about…? We should…We shouldn’t…Let’s…
  • 1. We must hand out the project tomorrow.
  • 2. We don’t have legal breaks for breakfast at my firm.
  • 3. I am new in this department.
  • 4. We have a seminar next month. I want to go.


I Part of speech – Fill in the chart with suitable answers

noun verb adjective

to manage manageable

to motivate motivated

to grow grown

to develop developed

II Synonyms – Give the most suitable synonym for given words or expressions:

  1. redundancy
  2. staff
  3. advanced
  4. freelance
  5. objective
  6. data

III Circle the correct answer

  1. The meeting starts ______ eight o’clock ________ the evening. a) in/at b) at/on c) at/in
  2. The Obama inauguration started ______ time. a) in b)at c)on
  3. Is it ok with you if I leave now? I will _____________ it ______ on Monday. a) take …on b) make… up c) put …off
  4. She surely has _______________ too much work. She will have to stay longer today. a) caught up b)broken down c) taken on
  5. They have _______________ with the work on the constructing projects; they won’t finish it until the deadline. a) fallen behind b) got on with c) drawn up
  6. We have to inform them about the delays. It is our fault but they must know that we have to _____________ the delivery. a) catch up b) put off c) break down
  7. She needs a new __________________. She got a sack last month. a) job b) work c) employment
  8. I deal ___________ a lot of different people in the company. a) with b) at c) to

IV Numbers- Write down the numbers as words:

  1. 15%
  2. 21st
  3. 0.86
  4. 5,218,104
  5. 12/6/08
  6. 2/4