Business Test 1 Practice 1


I Tenses – Present Simple/Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple:

  • 1. Many big companies __________________(not have) canteens for their employees.
  • 2. We ______________________(invest) in our computing system a lot recently, and just a month ago our human resource manager _________________ (make) an agreement to do more in the field of education of the employees.
  • 3. I’m afraid, you can’t talk to Mr Johnson right now. He ______________________(have) a board meeting in his office.
  • 4. Where ______________________ (we, put away) used paper? In the box over there?
  • 5. Beacuse of their enormous success, COCA-COLA _____________________ (be) one of the main drinks producers in this area for decades.
  • 6. In 2002. our company _________________ (be) equipped with very basic machinery, so the management _____________________(decide) to buy some new ones.

II Countables/Uncountables – Complete the dialogue with the words in the box: a lot of, much, many, a little, a few

  • A: Is the agenda ready for tomorrow’s meeting? We haven’t got _____________ time left, you know that.
  • B: Yes, I’ve done it. I had ____________ things planned to put it in, but I managed to make it short and put everything into 5 items.
  • A: Very well. _______________ colleagues informed me that they can’t make it to the meeting. Take their names, please.
  • B: Sure. How ______________ of them said they’re away on business?
  • A: I don’t know now. But I will check it later. Let’s have a coffee break now. Please, pass me the sugar. Just _____________, please.
  • B: Ok, but you can have just __________________ minutes, because we have _______________ work to do!
  • A: I’ll be done quickly. You know I don’t need ___________________ to get back to the track!

III Future – fill in the blanks using the right future form.

  1. So, everyone, let’s start! Susan, (you, open) _________________________ the meeting, please?
  2. Look out! The laptop (fall) ________________________ off your desk!
  3. In the near future, small businesses (definitely, lose) _______________________ major part od the consumer population.
  4. Well, I’m not quite sure, but we (try) _____________________ with making our strategy more efficient, and we’ll see.
  5. I’m having an important meeting in London tomorrow morning and I and my colleague (stay) ____________________ the London hotel.
  6. A: I need to see some price-lists now.
  7. B: Ok, I (not, keep) ______________________ you with the chart, then. Here’s your price-list.

IV Obligation and necessity – Fill in using: have to, has to, didn’t have to, had to, needn’t, mustn’t

  1. Thanks for the email. I got it yesterday, but I saw it wasn’t urgent and that I _____________________ answer right away, so I left it for later.
  2. You _______________ smoke in here! That’s forbidden!
  3. Mike _______________ get up early if he wants to get ready for the presentation properly.
  4. The parcels were all wrong! We _______________open them all, and put some new labels!
  5. If you want to apply for the job, you __________________ send an application form.
  6. Tell Maria that she __________________ send the contract, I have one copy here with me. She can keep hers.

V Suggestion. Suggest a suitable solution to the given problem using relevant words or phrases:

  • 1. We have taken on too much work lately.
  • 2. Maria has been talking on the phone for the whole morning!
  • 3. I am always late for work.
  • 4. The meeting is tomorrow and I haven’t’ written the agenda yet! I need your help.


I Part of speech – Fill in the chart with suitable answers

noun verb adjective

to employ un/employed
responsibility /

to qualify qualified
strenght to strengthen

po perform /

to decide decisive

II Synonyms – Give the most suitable synonym for given words or expressions:

  1. to provide
  2. to manage
  3. to postpone
  4. executive
  5. freelance
  6. redundancy
  7. staff
  8. income

III Circle the correct answer

  • My mother was born _________2nd July.
  • a) in b) on c)at
  • 2. There were no phones _________17th century, they were invented ________1870s.
  • a) at/in b) in/in c) in/at
  • 3. If everyone works nights shift we will be able to ______________.
  • a)catch up b) break down c) fall behind
  • 4. We cannot have a meeting next Friday because Tim is away on business and he is the most important person for the meeting. We have to _______ it _____________ .
  • a) take …on b) make… up c) put …off
  • 5. Sally isn’t employed but she has some part-time ______________.
  • a) work b) job c) employment
  • 6. My best colleague is in charge ____________ financial reporting.
  • a) with b) of c) at
  • 7. I am responsible __________ coordination between design and production.
  • a) for b) with c) at
  • 8. We have analyzed the problem and I believe that we will find the solution if we ___________ it _________ into five stages.
  • a) draw…up b) break ….down c) put ….off
  • 9. We started preparing for the job _________the morning.
  • a) in b) at c)on

IV Numbers – Write down the numbers as words:

  1. 25%
  2. 22nd
  3. 0.58
  4. 1,156,218
  5. 5/3/08
  6. 2/3
  7. ext.154
  8. 2m 60

V Comprehension – Fill in the blanks with the given words or phrases:

  • What do you think, Why don’t we, What about, In my opinion, That’s a great idea, I don’t agree
  • A: Ok, let’s start with our first item on the agenda. Can we brainstorm some ideas, Jake?
  • B: Sure. _______________________, we should use our old selling strategy to do that. It will definitely work.
  • C: Well, ______________________. That strategy was bad and I believe we shouldn’t rely on it again. _______________________ try something new?
  • A: Hmm. I don’t know about it. __________________________, Mark?
  • D: Well, Let’s agree that the old strategy had only partial success, but I suppose we don’t have much time to think about some new ways to place the product. _____________________ asking some of our clients what they would like. Let’s do the survey and we’ll get the answers.
  • A: Oh, ________________________! Great job, Mark!