English 1

Test 1 (Grammar/Vocab) group D

I Fill in the blanks using the correct tense of the verbs in brackets:

  1. My sister and I ___________ (be) very close. We ___________ (share) secrets and we _____________ (not, fight).
  2. He _____________ (not, call) last night because he ____________ (be) busy.
  3. The evening was quite nice. After I _____________ (make) myself a sandwich, I __________ (turn) on the TV and ____________ (watch) a series.
  4. Bob ______________ (never, be) to Japan before, although he ______________ (like) traveling a lot.
  5. What ________________ (you, do) when the storm _______________ (happen)? – I ___________________ (read) a book in my bedroom.
  6. I _________________ (think) of moving to Belgrade. Life in a small town _________ (be, not) what I want.
  7. My best friend _______________ (study) every day, but I _____________ (not, can) do that.
  8. Hey, Dave, the phone ______________ (ring)! Can you answer it?
  9. We ______________ (live) here since 2001, and we ________________ (not, plan) to move.

II Use verbs do, make, spend, have, sign, iron, work, receive, to get the right meaning of the phrases:

  1. ________________ time
  2. ________________ the clothes
  3. ________________ letters
  4. ________________ the shopping
  5. ________________ the documents
  6. ________________ an attempt
  7. ________________ dinner
  8. ________________ long hours

III Fill in using one preposition only:

  1. They got married ______ 22nd November 2014.
  2. I was born _______ summer.
  3. What do you think _________ my new coat?
  4. How much money did you spend ________the books?
  5. I love shopping and I never look __________ the price.
  6. Sarah planned __________ eat a steak and some salad.
  7. Do you turn _________ your TV when you go to bed the evenings?
  8. I have a new printer __________ the office desk.

IV Fill in the gaps using the given words. There is one word extra which you do not need to use.

baker confident contract wrong appliances drawings machinery set up shy
  1. Tesla left many ______________ and projects which are kept in special books.
  2. My first neighbour is a _____________, so I always buy bread in his shop.
  3. Since Dave decided to ____________ a company, he went to the bank to ask for a loan.
  4. All doctors must keep their patients’ histories _____________.
  5. I don’t know what I am doing _____________! It just never seems to be right!
  6. If we didn’t have electricity, we could never use any of the household _____________.
  7. All details about your business plan should be written down in a ____________.
  8. Although we may think the Brits are reserved, they are in fact very ___________.

V Correct the mistakes in the sentences:

  1. The Queen always is having meetings at noon.
  2. I’m having two brothers and one sister.
  3. Soldiers serve drinks in a bar.
  4. The match was started at 7.30.
  5. I didn’t can help him with his car last night.
  6. We all enjoy to have parties.
  7. Have Sara ever been to Italy?
  8. You haven’t enough money for the book.