English 1

Test 1 (Grammar/Vocab) group B

I Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense:

  • 1. Last winter I (go) ____________to Spain with my sister. We (be) ________very satisfied with our holiday. Also, we (not, spend) ________________ to much money.
  • 2. Sara (not, finish) ______________ her homework yet.
  • 3. We (play) ________________ football last Friday when it (start) ____________ to rain.
  • 4. English (be) ______________ the most popular language in the world.
  • Bob (not, work) _____________ on Fridays, but today he (work) _______________ because he (have) _____________ too many papers to finish.
  • 6. How long (you, live) ____________________ in Germany? – For 13 years.
  • 7. Does Tina have any plans for the summer? –Yes, she (visit) _______________ Rome this year.
  • 8. A: (go, you) _______________ to the concert last night
  • B: Yes! I (must) ___________ go! I love that band!
  • A: (be) _________ it good? – Yes, I really (enjoy) _____________ it.
  • 9. A: It’s a secret. You are the only person who knows.
  • B: Don’t worry. I (not tell) ______________ anyone. You can trust me.
  • 10. While I (try) _____________ to study the other night, somebody (make) ________________ too much noise. I (can not) _________________ study at all.

II Use verbs feel, rent, take, have, make, hold, order, go to get the right meaning of the phrase:

  1. ________________ camping
  2. ________________ a bicycle
  3. ________________ a bed
  4. ________________ some food
  5. ________________ sorry for sb
  6. ________________ photos
  7. ________________ hands
  8. ________________ a great time

III Fill in using one preposition only:

  1. They got married ______ St Valentine’s Day.
  2. I was born _______21st October.
  3. What do you think _________ my new coat?
  4. How much money did you spend ________the books?
  5. I hate shopping and I never try things ________.
  6. Sarah asked __________ a steak and some salad.
  7. Do you eat a lit _________ the evenings?
  8. I have a cofee mashine __________ work.

IV Fill in the gaps using the given words. There is one word extra which you do not need to use.

Leather, common, complain, rare, customs, flirting, get on well, election, image
  1. All girls love ______________ when their boyfriends are not around.
  2. My brother and I usually ______________ but sometimes we have some serious problems.
  3. Seeing a teenager carrying an expensive smart phone is a ____________ picture nowadays.
  4. I am planning to buy myself a black _____________ jacket.
  5. All the people were waiting for the ______________ results hoping to see their candidate win.
  6. I like when my sausages are well done, not ___________.
  7. Before you board your flight you have to go through the _____________.
  8. Parents usually _____________ that their kids are not listening to what they say.

V Correct the mistakes in the sentences:

  1. We were late so we taked the taxi.
  2. Hostel is a place which you can rent a room.
  3. I am so exciting when I see that my girl is relaxed.
  4. I couldn’t find my glasses nowhere.
  5. My best friends Steve study Mechanical Engineering.
  6. Some of us didn’t gave all the exams last semester.