English 1

Tenses Practice (Present, Past, Future, Mixed)

I Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect:

Tim: Hi, Diane! I (1) ________________ (not see) you lately. What (2) _______________ (you do) here? Diane: Hello, Tim! Well, I (3) ________________ (do) shopping. Tim: Oh, but you (4) ________________ (not like) shopping. Diane: Yes, that’s true. My brother (5) _______________ (have) a birthday party Tim: I see. (7) _____________ (you, want) me to help you choose the present? Diane: Of course, Tim. That (8) ____________ (be) so nice of you. Tim: It’s not a problem. I think that he (9) _______________ (like) art books so we can gp to the bookshop.
Diane: Good idea! He (10) ______________ (wait) for me in the car, so let’s do it quickly!

II Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, Past Simple, Past Continuous:

Dave and I (1) ___________ (have) an unusual accident last summer. We (2) ______________ (be) on our honeymoon holiday in Paris. Everything (3) __________ (be) great but on our way back, our plane (4) ______________ (not, show) up. We (5) ___________________ (wait) in the airport lounge for some time when the voice (6) ________________ (announce) the plane wasn’t ready to take passengers. They (7) _________ (tell) us that the problem (8) _________ (be) with our luggage. While we (9) ________________ (sit) in the hall we (10) _______________ (think) how our holiday was perfect except of this.

III Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense expressing Future:

  1. Oh, I have gained so much weight this year. I ____________ (go) on diet on Monday!
  2. Phil is leading the race! He _______________ (win)!
  3. The film ____________ (start) at 8 o’ clock sharp. Don’t be late!
  4. Many people in future ________________ (have) robots to help them around in houses.
  5. What (you, do) _________________ this weekend? Do you have any plans?
  6. We (plan) _______________ a wonderful winter holiday in the Alps.
  7. I don’t feel well. I (go) ______________ to bed now.
  8. (you, help) _______________ me with these books, Maria?
  9. Mike, I can’t make it to the meeting. I’m sorry. ________________ (you, let) me know about the conclusions?
  10. Every school year ___________ (start) on the 1st of October.

IV Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense:

  1. A: What (all those people, do) ____________________ in the middle of the street?
    B: They (make) ___________________ a movie. Most of the crowd (be) ___________ local people who (work) _______________ as extras.
    A: It (sound) _____________ fun. Maybe I (can) _____________ try it. Let’s go and ask!
  2. Last year, Peter and Ann (want) ______________ to redecorate their sitting-room themselves so they (choose) ______________ some yellow paint for the walls.
  3. Sarah usually (not, have) _______________ any breakfast but this morning she (have) ______________ an omelet because she (be) ______________ so hungry!
  4. A: When (the film, start) ___________________, Mickey?
  5. B: I (be, not) _______________ quite sure. Just a second, Jill. I (check) ______________ it in the newspapers.
  6. The house next-door (be) ________________ full of policemen yesterday. They (look) _________________ for some criminals, but they (not, find) ________________ anybody suspicious yet. The thief (can) ____________ be anybody!
  7. A: What (you do) ___________________ tonight? Any plans?
  8. B: Not really. Just sleeping. I (have) ______________ such an awful day at work today.