English 1

Tenses Practice 1

I Put the verbs in brackets into correct form:

  • Dear Hilda, I (1) ________________ (just, hear) that my mother (2) _______________(be) seriously ill since last Tuesday. I would like to go and see how she (3) _____________ (be). The trouble (4) ______________ (be) that I (5) _________________(can, not) take my dog Tim with me. (6) __________________(you, think) you can look after him for a week? You (7) _________________ (have) him for a week last year, and you (8) ________________ (say) he (9) _________________ (be) no trouble. If you (10) ________________ (be) able to have him, I (11) ______________ (bring) him on Friday morning. He (12) _________________ (have) his own bowl, and I’m sure you (13) __________________ (take) a good care of him. But if it (14) _________________ (be, not) convenient, (15) _________________ (not, hesitate) to say so. This time tomorrow I (16) ________________ (work) in my office. You (17) _________________ (can) call me there, and we (18) ________________ (talk) about it.
  • Love, Sarah

II Put the sentences into appropriate tense:

  1. Tina __________________ (come) to visit us every day. She ______________ (be) our neighbour since last year and I believe (get)_____________________ on well together.
  2. The Smiths _______________________(not change) their furniture last year, they _________________(do) it next week. They have already planned it.
  3. A: Why ____________________________(you/stand) there now?
  4. B: I ______________________________(wait) for the bus. In fact I (stand) ____________________ here for 35 minutes, and I’m sure it (not, come) ________________ at all!
  5. By the year 2017, my parents (marry) _____________________ for 30 years.
  6. A: Why _________________________________(John/fail) his exam two days ago?
  7. B: Because he __________________________(not /give) his best. He (think) _________________ the exam (be) ______________ easy, but he (be, not) _________________ right.
  8. Linda ________________(be) an excellent manager and she ___________
  9. (work) in a bank. She (not, go) ____________________ to work by bus, but this week she (go) _____________________ by bus because her car (be) __________________ broken.
  10. __________________________________(she / ever/ fly) by plane? – Yes, when I (travel) ______________ to Spain a couple of years ago.
  11. Tina _____________________________(must) buy some dog food last night , but she totally _______________________________(forget) about it.
  12. It is windy and cold . It ___________________________(rain) tomorrow.
  13. The Smiths sometimes ____________________(play) chess in the evening. Mrs Smith __________________(not like) golf. She (have) ______________”other fish to fry”.
  14. I (do) __________________ some small repairs in my kitchen all day yesterday. While I ______________________(glue) some wooden parts, the plumber ____________________ (fix) the tap. We (have) ___________________ so much work to do!
  15. Last Friday we (visit) ___________________ Mr Johnson. After we ___________________ (enter) the office, the secretary ___________________ (call) the boss.