Technical English, practice 1

  1. Circle the correct option:
  • Two different crash test dummies (1) USE/ARE USED in standard European vehicle crash test. The first dummy (2) USE/IS USED for font impact crashes, and the second one is a side-impact crash dummy. The dummies, which (3) MAKE/ARE MADE of steel, aluminium and rubber, (4) CONTAIN/ARE CONTAINED many sensors. Three types of sensing equipment (4) USE/ARE USED: acceleration sensors, lead sensors and motion sensors. The dummy head (5) CONTAINS/ IS CONTAINED three accelerometers which (6) SET/ARE SET at right angles. In addition, a front-impact crash test dummy (6) HAS/ HAVE steel ribs fitted with motion sensors which (7) RECORD/ARE RECORDED front rib movement.

2. Fill in using the given words. One word is EXTRA so you do not need to use it.

wheel-gun, ignition, frame, installed, cloth, unscrew, load, derrickman, pressure
  1. You must loosen the nuts with the _____________________.
  2. Please, check the air ________________ in the tyres.
  3. Always use a clean _________________ to clean the visor.
  4. Thin metal sheets are welded together to a __________________.
  5. The electrical wiring must be carefully _______________.
  6. To check the amount of liquid, __________________ the cap on the reservoir first.
  7. The process of starting the combustion of fuel in the cylinders of an internal combustion engine is called _________________.
  8. A ____________ is a technician who works in the drill crew.
  • Fill in using the given words:
broke, crushed, spill, torn, installed
  1. Be careful not to ____________the coffee on the table.
  2. A van drove into the back of my car and the bumper got _____________.
  3. The documents with the instructions were __________ so he had to print a new one.
  4. They ____________ the handle of my suitcase at the airport.
  5. They ___________ over half the cables in the train tunnel last month.
  • Write the opposite:
  1. put together _________________
  2. raise __________________
  3. audio _________________
  4. old ___________________
  5. recharge ______________
  6. screw _________________
  • Make questions for the given answers:
  1. Ben got a shock because he touched an earthed live wire.
  2. Metal is heated to make it softer.
  3. The first mass-produced pencils were made in Germany about 2200 years ago.
  4. The smoke detectors are installed in most buildings to warn people of wire.
  5. I am writing an email to customer service.
  6. Reading comprehension. Read the text and answer the true or false questions below.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for the Global Positioning System. It can tell you precise location anywhere on the Earth to within 6 metres. A group of 24 or more satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude of 11,000 miles. Every 12 hours, a satellite makes an orbit or one complete cycle in space around the Earth. The satellites transmit signals to receivers on the ground. The user has a GPS receiver which detects the signals from the satellites and calculates their distance from the receiver. Receivers can be held in your hand or mounted in a vehicle, such as a car or a ship. A hand-held receiver is about the size of a mobile phone, but the newer models are even smaller.

  1. GPS is a device which gives information about places on the Earth. _______________
  2. A satellite needs a half a day to make an orbit. _______________
  3. Signals are transmitted from the receivers to satellites. __________________
  4. Receivers are made in many sizes. ________________
  5. Receivers can only be used in cars or other vehicles. ___________________

Fill in the gaps using ONE word only to complete the definitions:

a) When you tighten a screw, it ___________________ clockwise.

b)The antenna on a mobile phone ____________ radio signals.

c) This musical website allows you to ____________________ music.

d) An ammeter is a device which measures electric _________________.