English 2

Sports (vocabulary practice)

1 Circle the answer with the appropriate word or phrase.

  1. Which football team do you ________ ?
    1. support
    2. encourage
    3. yell for
  2. You will need to ________ hard to get a place on the Olympic team.
    1. develop
    2. train
    3. learn
  3. There were many ________ watching the tennis finals.
    1. spectators
    2. public
    3. audience
  4. I think that Sam’s younger brothers ________ karate.
    1. play
    2. do
    3. go
  5. I hope our team doesn’t ________ the match on Saturday.
    1. fail
    2. lose
    3. defeat
  6. If our team manages to ________ another goal, they will be national champions!
    1. hit
    2. score
    3. enter
  7. They often________ jogging in the streets near their home.
    1. go
    2. make
    3. do
  8. Does Eddie ________ rugby for the university?
    1. play
    2. make
    3. do
  9. Roger Federer ________ the tennis record in the number of titles last year.
    1. broke
    2. achieved
    3. hit
  10. A Russian gymnast ________ a record in that event.
    1. has
    2. holds
    3. is

2 Which sports are described?

  1. Some sportspeople think it should be banned. You need to be physically tough and have quick reflexes. You don’t need any equipment, just a pair of gloves and some lace-up boots.
  2. Anyone can play this sport. All you need is a racket, a few balls and a court with a net across the middle. It can be played on grass or harder surfaces.
  3. There are eleven players in a team. To win, a team has to score goals against their opponents. This means kicking a ball past the goalkeeper into a net.
  4. It’s usually an individual sport. The equipment can be expensive. You need a set of clubs and lots of balls if you tend to lose quite a few.
  5. Most people who are successful at this sport are very tall. Players need to be able to control a ball with their hands while running.

3 Fill in the gaps using ONE word only, which best fits each space.

  • Muhammad Ali, possibly the most famous athlete ___________, is certainly one of the most recognizable faces in the world history. Ali, ____________ proclaimed himself the ‘Greatest of All Time’, started fighting under the name of Cassius Clay. When he converted to Islam, he changed his name ____________ Muhammad Ali. Ali became world heavyweight champion ____________ the age of twenty-four and went on to become the first man ____________ win the heavyweight title three times. Both arrogant and charismatic, people loved him or hated him. His refusal to serve in the United States Army during the Vietnam war, saying that ____________ was against his religious beliefs, made ____________ unpopular with the authorities. He ____________ arrested, stripped of his heavyweight title and not allowed to box ____________ three years, ____________ many feel were his peak years. Ali was once asked on a TV show ____________ he would have done with his life given a choice. He replied that he ____________ not think of anything other than boxing. That is all he had ever wanted or wished ____________ . He couldn’t imagine doing anything ____________ .