English 2

Practice 1 (Vocab/grammar)

I Vocabulary. Use the right word:

  • 1. What is your favourite ___________?
  • A) meal B) dish C) lunch D) diet
  • 2. Before cooking, you must _________ the potato.
  • A) peel B) stock C) mash D) roast
  • 3. Women speak more and they are very ___________ in speech.
  • A) fluent B) fluently C) talkative D) gossiping
  • 4. All men should do their share of the _____________.
  • A) housework B) business C) ironing D) cleaning
  • 5. Telling a lie, and especially being caught out, seems to make a very strong ________ on us.
  • A) impression B) deceive C) cheat D) aggression
  • 6. If you are well-educated you have a good chance to get __________ with your lies.
  • A) along B) gone C) over D) away
  • 7. I can’t remember her name it’s on the tip of my ________.
  • A) feet B) arm C) language D) tongue
  • 8. Attractive people are sometimes considered ________.
  • A) illiterate B) dismature C) uncorrect D) irresponsible

II Express wishes for the given statements:

  1. I’m too tall for my age.
  2. It’s a shame we don’t have a DVD.
  3. Oh, it’s raining again!
  4. Don’t shout all the time, it’s annoying!
  5. I broke my favourite vase.
  6. She was late for the film last night.

III Turn the given sentences into indirect speech:

  1. “I am grateful to you for your kind words.”
  1. “Have you ever been to Japan before?”
  1. “Don’t just stand there!”
  1. “She speaks Italian a little and some good French, too.”
  1. “Sit here, please.”
  1. “Where does Tom Barnes live?”
  1. “Sam always wanted to build a treehouse and he will do that once.”
  1. “I can’t do that, I am very busy.”
  1. “Where is the post office?”
  1. “I know you are lying to me about the project.”