Jobs – Present Simple Practice (speaking + vocabulary)

What’s the job? Read about different job positions. What do you do? What’s your position like?

Architect Technician

  • Works for a construction company.
  • Designs buildings, produces plans, specifications, and drawings.
  • Negotiates with builders and inspects construction work.

Field Service Engineer

  • Works for an office equipment manufacturer.
  • Visits customers’ sites and repairs and maintains
  • Spends a lot of time driving from place to place.

Software Engineer

  • Works for a bank.
  • Writes, tests, and debugs code.
  • Updates security features and troubleshoots.
  • Is responsible for a project team.

Help Desk Technician

  • Provides technical support.
  • Solves customers’ problems over the phone.
  • Works night shifts.

Warehouse Manager

  • Works for a paper company.
  • Receives shipments and checks quantities.
  • Keep records of
  • Manages a database.
  • Works for a credit card company.

Quality Controller

  • Works for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Collects and examines product
  • Analyses data and writes reports.

2 Look at the underlined words in the job descriptions in the exercise 1. Find the word which means:

  • bargains, reaches agreement by discussion
  • parts of the working day
  • puts in the latest information
  • stocks of goods and materials
  • goods that are transported
  • finds and corrects faults and problems
  • keeps in good working order
  • specimens, small quantities of a product that shows what the rest is like
  • looks at something closely to make sure it’s OK
  • examines something carefully to understand it and explain it.

3 In your opinion, on which of these positions people…:

1 are the most and the least busy?
2 use computers the most?
3 work the longest hours?
4 don’t need to wear special clothing?
5 sometimes work outside?
6 meet lots of different people?
7 need the most qualifications?
8 make the most money?
9 have the best and the worst jobs? why?

4 Speaking practice. Work with a partner. Take turns to describe the jobs of people you know, for example, your boss, your husband/wife, your brother etc.

   A What does your wife do?
   B She’s a laboratory technician. She works at a chemical company. She tests and analyses samples. She…