English 2

E2 Test 1 Practice 2

I.1. Turn the sentences into passive:

  • 1. They can’t speak Italian during the conference.
  • 2. We are introducing a new method of teaching.
  • 3. Do you clean your flat regularly?
  • 4. People will never forget the Second World War.
  • 5. Peter has called her for a drink.
  • 6. I took the wallet from the desk.

I.2. Combine the two sentences to make ONE. Use a relative pronoun:

  • Helen works for a company. It makes furniture.
  • The film is about a young boy. It made a huge success.
  • The police have caught the man. He stole my neighbour’s car.
  • Barbara decided to move to Belgrade. She always wanted to live in the city.
  • James didn’t phone me last night. It is quite strange.
  • My sister lives in Germany. She is a veterinarian.

I.3 Supply the blanks with the appropriate question tag:

  1. He’s doing his best, ___________________?
  2. They don’t have much money, ______________________?
  3. Don’t disturb me till 4, ______________________?
  4. You can see that house, _____________________?
  5. She made a cake, ___________________?
  6. Let’s go for a drink, ______________?

I.4 Choose the correct participle to complete the sentences.

  • worrying/worried
  • confusing/confused
  • interesting/interested
  • surprising/surprised
  • frightening/frightened
  • tiring/tired
  1. I was really _________________ when John appeared at the door with the present for me.
  2. Don’t be so _________________. You’ll certainly pass the exam.
  3. His speech was so _________________. I didn’t understand a word.
  4. Can you think of anything _________________ to say or you’ll keep talking nonsense?
  5. The children are __________________ by wild animals.
  6. I was so _____________ last night, I went straight to bed.

II Vocabulary

II.1. Complete the sentences using the appropriate form of the word given in brackets:

  1. Football ___________ (support) sometimes can be real vandals.
  2. I like all gadgets, but some are totally ___________ (use)! I don’t know what to do with them.
  3. Teachers work hard to _____________ (education) their students.
  4. We were not ______________ (information) on time about the annual meeting.
  5. Sylvia dances _____________ (beauty). I like to see her dance.
  6. I had a serious ____________ (difficult) when I wanted to register online.

II.2. Fill in using ONE word only:

  1. Scientists say that cars are guilty of the air ____________ and all bad things about it.
  2. We all have busy business _____________ and sometimes forget to laugh.
  3. We have some premonitions about bad things, but we can never find ____________ for that.
  4. If you want to meet some _______________, you must be very persistent. As all popular people, they usually hide from the public eye.
  5. David Thomas _____________ all his maths exams and left school without qualifications.
  6. All students learn by doing ______________ tasks, although theory is important too.

II.3. Give the synonymous words or the expressions for the given words/expressions:

  1. random
  2. humble
  3. contagious
  4. chance
  5. afford
  6. sitcom

II.4. Circle the word which best fits the blank space:

  • 1. If you want to memorize things, try to ___________ them to some familiar people or places.
  • A) link B) think C) put D) remember
  • 2. Oh, you are so disturbing. Go away and ___________ your own business!
  • A) mind B) see C) watch D) look
  • 3. We must say that some good inventions still have many ________________.
  • A) disadvantages B)unpopularity C) opinions D) results
  • 4. My husband is __________ with gadgets of all kinds. He loves them!
  • A) full B) hooked C) obsessed D) adoring
  • 5. A smile helps you to exercise your facial _____________.
  • A) muscles B) frowns C) lips D) parts
  • 6. What football club do you _____________?
  • A) defend B) support C) encourage D) yell for