Company in trouble (vocabulary practice)

I Fill in the blanks using ONE word only:

Last year we started producing a new product _______ a client. It took some time before they gave us the green light_________ they wanted to see all the production details and double-check them. It then took them a further 3 months to sign the contract and our company didn’t go into production until they had everything in black and __________.

Unfortunately, the client was unable to get the new product off the ground and they decided to stop production. As a result ____ this, the company is starting to run short of orders and we’ll be in the red within a month if we don’t _______ some new clients soon.

Yesterday we _______ a meeting with the president and it looks like he means business. The shares of the company have taken a nosedive and because of this he wants to keep track of all the expenses that are going out and will be cutting back on the social events that had already _______ planned.

We are not very ________about this as the president himself got into trouble for offering handouts to politicians in return for lucrative contracts. Nobody wants us to produce anything anymore because of this. Currently, there are several new projects in the pipeline to ________ the image of the company. In the meantime, he will be cutting corners to keep spending to a minimum.

II Fill in with the suitable word or phrase:

priorities, allocate, consult, venue, estimate, bargaining position,
behaviour, etiquette

Preparing to negotiate

  1. If dealing with people from another culture, find out about its_____________ and negotiating styles: the way people negotiate what they consider acceptable and unacceptable ______________, and so on.
  2. Work out your initial ______________position: what are your needs and objectives? Decide your_____________________ (the most important objectives).
  3. Try to _____________the needs and objectives of the other side.
  4. Perhaps you are in a position to influence the choice of ____________the place where you are going to meet.
  5. If you are negotiating as part of a negotiating team, ___________your colleagues about the previously mentioned points, and _______________roles and responsibilities.

III Circle the correct answer

  1. Trish isn’t employed but she has some part-time ______________. a) work b) job c) employment
  1. If everyone works nights shift we will be able to ______________. a) catch up b) break down c) fall behind
  1. She surely has _______________ too much work. She will have to stay longer today. a) caught up b) broken down c) taken on
  1. They have sent their _______________ with their CV. a) application b)skills c) resume
  1. An entire country can depend ______ a single transnational. a) of b) on c) at
  1. Draw up a to-do-list for the short __________. a) term b) plan c) time
  1. When doing a presentation, you must know basic things about your __________. a) public b) audience c)listeners
  1. The British wait in lines patiently and they never ___________. a) chat b) grumble c) tip