English 2

Reading Comprehension


Today people all over the world are moving out of small villages in the country to go and live in big, noisy cities. They are moving from the peaceful hills, mountains, fields, rivers and streams of the countryside to the busy world of streets, buildings, traffic and crowds. This movement from rural areas to urban areas is growing every day.

In many countries, the main reason people come to live in towns and cities is work. After one or two large factories have been built in or near a town, people come to find work, and soon an industrial area begins to grow. There is usually a residential area nearby, where the factory workers can live. The families of these workers need schools, hospitals and shops, so more people come to live in the area to provide these services.

In almost every city in the world, there is a business district where the big companies have their offices. In the United States, this area is usually in the city center downtown. People often travel a long way to work each day. They take a bus or a train, and rarely drive on their own – small parking places and expensive fares are the reason they leave their vehicles in garages. However, villages are becoming more popular since the working population needs some time off, relaxation and a healthy environment. Some villages have got wonderful resorts offering fresh food and clean water to those who wish to spend some time in less polluted and crowded areas.

Comprehension check

  1. People are moving from villages to cities because…
    1. the traffic in villages is noisy.
    1. there are residential areas near big factories.
    1. they need jobs.
    1. they need new houses.
  1. Big companies worldwide…
    1. have their offices in the United States.
    1. have their offices in town centers.
    1. build factories in residential areas.
    1. provide services in residential areas.
  1.  Workers usually go to work…
    1. by buses or by underground.
    1. by car.
    1. on foot.
    1. by other vehicles.
  1. Those who work in cities like going to villages because…
    1. they can start new businesses there.
    1. they go on holiday there.
    1. the parking spaces are expensive.
    1. they are hungry and thirsty.
  1. Towns and cities are …
    1. offering clean water and healthy food.
    1. offering wonderful village resorts.
    1. less dirty and crowded.
    1. more dirty and with too many people.
  •  The conclusion of the story is that…
    • cities are useful for career opportunities so as villages are useful for health and fun.
    • workers influence the growth of villages.
    • villages are losing their population.
    • urban areas must have factories and residential areas as well.


These photos illustrate the partnership between students and their lecturers in the Englit lab. The lab serves as a place where ideas are born and put into practice, through a meaningful and open discussion.

English 1

Tenses practice – TWO LETTERS

Dear Michael,

I __________ (just, arrive) to the beautiful French capital, Paris. My first impressions ____________ (be) great! Everything _________ (be) so big and shiny.

I ____________ (walk) from the airport to the hotel last night and I __________ (see) some nice places that I would like to visit tomorrow morning. People _________ (say) that you ____________ (can, not) see Paris in seven days, but I will give my best to see as much as possible.

I ___________ (not, buy) any souvenirs at the airport last night, because they __________ (be) very expensive. I will have enough time to buy some on my way back.

Right now, I ______________ (think) of where to go tonight. Last night I _____________ (think) that the best thing would be to see the center of Paris, but now I ____________ (not, think) that it’s a good idea. I ____________ (not, have) any traveler’s guide with me, but I hope I _____________ (find) one tomorrow and look for some must-see things in it.

See you soon,

Love – Robin

Dear Donna,

Thanks for your letter. I (be) _______________ really busy recently studying for my exams. The materials the teachers (give) _____________ us last semester is so difficult to cover! But I hope I (manage) __________________ somehow!

Well, my dear friend, there (not, be) ______________ much new to tell! I (just manage) __________________ to persuade my parents to let me spend a year in England learning the language. It (be) _____________ such wonderful news for me! I (apply) _________________ for the courses in several cities but I (not, know) _______________ exactly where I (go) ________________ this summer.

 I must admit that now I (start) ________________ to get a bit worried. Now that it (be) ____________ definite that I (come) ______________ to England I’ve started to wonder how I (adapt) _______________ to living there. How easy (you think) ____________________ it is for someone from Serbia to get used to living in your country? What kind of problems (you believe) ___________________ I might have? I’d really appreciate your advice.

Anyway, I have to finish now because my little brother (wait) _______________ for me to pick him up from school. I hope your family (be) ____________ safe and sound.

Give my regards to your parents.

Write soon! Kisses, Sonja